How to Get Your House Ready for an International House SwapA house swap or house exchange can be an affordable, economical way to vacation in another destination. Instead of paying for four-star lodging on the other side of the country or abroad, you can open up your home to another vacationer and stay in their house at no cost.

If you’ve never embarked on a vacation of this kind, you may be asking yourself if house swapping is really a good idea. Good question! When you connect with another homeowner through a legitimate house swapping agency, you can rest assured that you will be lending your home to a trustworthy individual that has extended the same courtesy to you. They will make sure everything in your home is protected, right down to the toddler moccs.

Use NERVE to Prepare for a House Swap urges travelers to prepare their home for a house swap with this handy acronym:

  • N: Tell your neighbors about the arrangement while you are out of town.
  • E: Provide your guests with a complete list of emergency contact information.
  • R: Established rules for the exchange in both homes.
  • V: Secure your valuables before guests arrive.
  • E:Enjoy the experience to the fullest!

Depending upon how far you want to extend the swap, many house swappers choose to include their vehicles in the agreement. This is beneficial since most auto insurance policies will allow for lending a car to a friend under the umbrella of insurance coverage.

Before including your vehicle in the house swap agreement, make sure to confirm the details with your insurance agent. In this circumstance, it’s best to tell an agent that a friend will be borrowing your car while you’re out of town so that you don’t have to cover the often-confusing details of a home exchange.

Tie Up Loose Ends: Must-Read Tips for a Happy House Exchange

Once you’ve agreed on a house swap with a new friend in the US or abroad, your hard work isn’t done just yet. Take a moment to check out these helpful tips to make sure all details are taken care of before leaving your home in the care of a stranger:

  • Communicate about any extras you can think of; don’t make assumptions about what may be included in a house.
  • Double check your homeowner’s insurance to make sure that guests are covered.
  • Secure a commitment in writing before finalizing the house exchange.
  • Write down a list of all the details in your home, including mail delivery, security alarms, parking, and local takeout menus.
  • Offer your guest a point of contact in a friend or relative to call for questions.

Also make sure that your house is free from unwanted pests.  Visit for more information.

You need to see your Austin dentist for regular cleanings when you have implants. Your home care is equally important. Your dental implants must be cleaned daily to prevent inflammation and infection.

Permanent Implants

Clean your permanent implants above and below the gumline and in between neighboring teeth with a small amount of low-abrasive toothpaste. When you first have your implants placed your mouth will be sensitive. Ask your Houston dentist about the best way to prevent plaque build-up during this time. Once the prosthesis has been placed, you can use a toothbrush to keep the implant clean. You will need the following tools to take care of your implants:


You can use a soft manual, electric or sonic battery to clean your implants. Brush twice a day with a low-abrasive toothbrush so that you do not scratch the implant surface or irritate your gums.

Interdental Brush or End-Tufted Brush

These brushes are suitable for getting to hard-to-reach areas around the tooth supported by the implant and the inner side of the teeth. They also help you clean around the implant posts. Never use toothpaste with these types of brushes.


It is important to floss once a day in the narrow areas that are impossible to reach with an interdental brush. You can use regular floss or purchase special implant floss. Pass the floss back and forth between the implant-supported teeth and neighboring teeth.

Cleaning the Prosthesis/Abutments

It is important to clean your prosthesis and its attachments carefully with a denture brush or toothbrush. Clean the gum side of the prosthesis as well as the abutment posts and bar in your mouth. A water pik/irrigation system may be recommended for use up to twice daily.

There will always be areas that you cannot clean effectively. That is why it is essential that you visit your dentist for regular cleanings. Routine check-ups will also give you the opportunity to find out how to improve your cleaning technique.

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As spring finally brings with it warmer weather, chances are you’ll be spending plenty of time in the saddle. You’re also probably doing a “spring cleaning” of your house – but here are some ideas to carry your spring cleaning over to your barn. Be sure that all of the horses are out of the barn when you begin cleaning so that they’re not affected by any dust that you stir up.


Take a long broom or a featherduster with an extension on it and thoroughly decobweb your barn. A tip: Remove the water buckets and feed tubs from stalls before you decobweb them to avoid having to clean them all over again.

Hay and Feed Storage

It’s easy to let daily cleaning get ahead of us, and hay and grain storage areas are notoriously dusty. But did you know that this can be a fire hazard, and the excess dust is bad for your horse’s health? While you’re cleaning, check feed and hay for spoilage or mold, and discard anything that is unsafe to feed.

Rodent Control

Keep an eye out for signs of rodents as you clean. Add mousetraps, or replenish the bait in existing traps, if necessary. Be sure to use precaution when cleaning rodent droppings; sweep them up thoroughly and wear a mask to avoid inhaling any dust from the droppings.


Launder any dirty saddle pads, leg wraps, or bandages which are in need of cleaning. Store extras in rodent-proof containers or tack trunks so that they’re ready for use. Also take the time to clean your blankets or to send them out to a cleaning service before storing them for next winter.

Now is also a great time to clean your brushes and grooming kit. Remove all of your grooming tools from your tote or grooming back and give it a thorough shaking out or wipe down. Wipe or hose off solid tools like your hoof pick, mane comb, and curry comb. Wash your brushes in a soapy water solution, rinse, and let them dry.


Go through your tack trunks and your tack rooms and get things organized and ready for show season. Keep items that you use frequently in places that are easy to access, and store less frequently used items away where they won’t take up excess space. You probably won’t need your custom hunting rifle while you’re away, or your winter ski gear.

As you go through your equipment, if you find things that you doubt you’ll use in the future, consider selling them at a tack sale or donating them to an equine charity.

Safety Check

Along with your cleaning routine, perform a safety check. Make sure that electrical outlets are in good repair and are outfitted with protective caps to keep inquisitive equine noses protected. Check any power cords for fraying or other signs of damage, and replace any damaged cords that you find. Make sure that your fire extinguishers haven’t expired, and replace batteries in your smoke detectors.

Walk all of the fence lines to check for damage or loosened boards. Also make sure that gate latches are strong and functioning. Finally, walk your pastures (enlist some help if they’re large) to check for any trash or debris that has been unearthed by the winter’s snow and dispose of it in adequate spring cleaning dumpsters
A thorough spring cleaning will leave your barn both safe for your horses and looking great.

Want to use some supplements? Be it health supplements or weight loss supplements? Have you purchased some over-the-counter supplements only to realize that they don’t work? Or instead of serving their intended purpose they leave you with more problems such as side effects? Well, these are some of the common problems with some of the health supplements in drug stores.

However, not all health products are as such. There exist many products that are genuine and will duly serve their purpose to the letter. Deer antler velvet products are some of the health supplements in the market. The good thing with this product is that it has been made under high hygiene and the best of ingredient, thus is of high quality.

One secret for shopping for the best health products is the nature of the supplement. Always ensure that you shop for natural supplements and health products. These supplements that are available in their nature given form have been observed to function better than other supplements that contain chemicals.

Our bodies already contain chemicals from the foods and drugs we take. Adding more chemicals from supplements and health products will do you no good. Natural supplements work better in bodies with less chemical concentrations. Moreover, you are assured of smooth functioning of these supplements as they do not bring about side effects to you like it happens with chemical based health products.

There are quite many benefits of using natural health products and supplements. Here are some of these benefits;

· No Side Effects

One major benefit you get by using natural health products and supplements is that you face very minimal chances of suffering from side effects. This is because these supplements are availed to you in their natural form which does not include chemicals. Chemical based products result into side effects when the chemicals in them react with your body. However, with natural health supplements, you can rest assured of no side effects.

· Proper Functioning

Another very important benefit is that you are assured of smooth and successful functioning of the health supplement. This is because there are no chemicals that will bring about reactions when you take them. Moreover, these supplements will not be of any threat to you, thus will serve their purpose faithfully.

· Reasonably Priced

One other thing is that natural supplements are reasonably priced. This is because they do not go through many processes like chemical products that undergo many processes. Many natural supplements are availed in their natural form. All what happens is extracting the useful products and packing them. This makes them cheaper than those chemicals undergoing processing.

· Come From Food Sources

Supplements coming from food sources are the best form of supplements to take. This is because your body has an experience of dealing with food substances. It will therefore act on these supplements like it does with other foodstuffs and are thus readily absorbed. This is unlike when you use chemical based supplements that are made from artificial ingredients. Some of these ingredients are not readily absorbed, thus posing a threat to your health.

Natural supplements are therefore the best form of health products to take. They have no after-medication effects and moreover, they work perfectly.

A beautiful smile generated by a set of pearl white teeth can make all the difference in building your confidence. Unfortunately, your teeth can easily become stained because of the food you eat or probably smoking. Teeth discoloration can also result from sipping on colas and teas, excessive use of fluoride, and taking of certain medications. These sources wear down and ruin the surface or your teeth and hence the discoloration.

However, with off-office treatments available today, you can have that smile you have always yearned and dreamed of without a single help of your dentist. This is possible through treatments available both in and out of your dentist office. Most of these whitening procedures are designed to only work on the tooth enamel and not on dental restorations. For this reason, you may be required to visit your dentist for replacing restorations that will help match the shade that you exactly desire.

In-Office Whitening

You can use Venus White Max which is a special formula available by prescription at participating dental offices. It’s a powerful solution that can whiten smiles up to ten shades brighter. Venus White Max does not require use of UV light, a property that makes it stands out over many other in-office treatments. It is therefore possible to move around during the whitening treatment instead of being glued on a chair next to a light. The entire process lasts for one hour, adding to its convenience.

At-Home Whitening

This teeth whitening technique provides the safest way to whiten your teeth at home through Iridescence Take Home Whitening Gels. The initial process involves consulting your dentist for a discussion, to allow him take an impression of your mouth. This helps in customizing the bleaching trays that will perfectly fit your teeth structure.

The dentist will then give you a Take Home Kit which contains the whitening solution and a guard to protect you gum. With these at-home whitening gels, it is possible to have initial results after one night of use with full results coming after a week.

Taking good care of your teeth for protection against dental problems surpasses any cure available. You can do this by brushing a minimum of two times and flossing per day to keep away from teeth stains. Using a straw when drinking tea and soda can help keep the staining agents from coming to contact with your tooth enamel. Make it a your habit to visit a dentist once in every six months for a thorough cleaning and checkup to guarantee a healthy smile even in the future.

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Let’s start out with the facts, shall we? It’s going to cost you about $1000 to fly from Austin to Italy. As most experienced travelers can tell you, traveling abroad isn’t cheap, although you can cut costs considerably with a few critical money-saving tips on your next vacation.

Do-Gooders, Consider Volunteer Travel

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting the beautiful country of Italy, you may be able to fly from Austin to Italy for next to nothing – if you’re willing to work for it. The latest trend in the budget travel industry is volunteer tourism.

Throughout Italy, multiple volunteer programs are available that may best suit your personality, preferences, and skill set. For nature-lovers that prefer the great outdoors, you may enjoy working on a farm with Willing Workers on Organic Farms. In exchange, you’ll be provided with room and board, as well as the opportunity to tour rustic farms throughout the Italian countryside.

Most volunteer organizations will require a minimum time commitment in order to travel with the program. Depending upon the project, a volunteer trip can range from several weeks to more than a year; some organizations offer more flexible time obligations than others.

How to Save Money on International Airfare

If volunteer tourism doesn’t strike your fancy, you can still travel to Italy inexpensively with these helpful budget travel tips:

  • Book an online flight to Italy far in advance to lock in the lowest rates available.
  • Try not to travel in the busy season from May to September or on holidays.
  • Consult student travel agencies, even if you’re not a student, to find out about discount flights to Europe.
  • Check with a travel agent about consolidator tickets to Italy, normally sold at a discounted price by wholesale vendors that purchase airline tickets in bulk from airline companies.
  • Fly standby to Italy if your travel dates are flexible.

Once you’ve made it to Italy, the fun doesn’t stop there. You can take advantage of your proximity to the rest of the EU to hop over to other countries on inexpensive domestic flights.

Insider travel experts reveal that if you want to visit another major city in Europe, like Paris, it’s best to fly to a nearby airport several miles away and take a shuttle to your destination. With just a few extra hours of travel time, you could make it to Paris for close to €20 one way.

If your company doesn’t have travel insurance for all employees that take business trips, you could leave yourself vulnerable to serious financial loss. It’s not like you are relocating and hiring movers in nashville, but comfort is essential. For a company with frequent or even intermittent business trips, business travel insurance is a must to protect against the unexpected – like flight delays, lost baggage, and accidents while traveling.

What Does Business Travel Insurance Cover?

If you’re looking for the condensed version, business travel insurance provides coverage for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Evacuations
  • Cancellations
  • Loss/delays
  • 24/7 assistance

Perhaps the most common issue that could arise on a business trip is a travel cancellation. Hotel accommodations, cruise packages, plane tickets, golf reservations, and more can be easily canceled last minute, causing a business to lose their valuable investment if expenses are nonrefundable.

Most business travel insurance policies will provide a list of circumstances that will be covered for a trip cancellation. These reasons may include employee or family sickness or death, hurricane damage, employee layoffs, terrorist activity, client bankruptcy, and jury duty summons.

If an employee were to get sick or have a sudden death in the family, trip cancellation or trip interruption coverage will come in handy. When an employee has to return home for an emergency, travel insurance will reimburse a company for the last portion of a trip, as well as any extra expenses incurred to change flights at the last minute.

Business Budget Tips for Employee Travel Insurance

The truth is that most companies are encouraged to keep travel budgets to a minimum to reduce a business’s overhead. While that may be the case, it’s important not to cut out any extras that could actually save you money in the long run by providing protective compensation, like travel insurance.

A business can set aside money for much-needed travel insurance by keeping other travel costs contained with these helpful tips:

  • Use videoconferencing instead of in-person travel whenever possible.
  • Book hotel accommodations and airfare with a company MasterCard or Visa to redeem frequent flyer miles or bonus points.
  • Take a train instead of an airplane for short trips.
  • Meet clients for coffee instead of lunch or dinner meetings.
  • Book airport or hotel shuttles instead of using taxicabs.
  • Work with a business travel agent that can provide hotel, car, and airfare discounts.
  • Book last-minute travel to take advantage of deeply discounted deals.
  • Travel midweek on Tuesday or Wednesday and return on Saturday for lower airfare rates.
  • Travel light with a carry-on to avoid extra fees for checked bags.

Within the past decade, business travel has fluctuated with changes in the economy. While business trips are stereotypically depicted as lengthy cross-country flights, the Research and Innovative Technology Administration reports that the majority of business trips in the US are taken within 250 miles of home.

On a shorter business trip, an employee is likely to travel by car. But once a business trip extends over the 500 mile marker, an employee will travel by airplane to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

If you’re planning a major corporate business trip for multiple employees, complete with air travel, keep these helpful tips in mind to save both time and money on unnecessary travel delays:

  1. Book with a travel planning website. If your company doesn’t currently work with a travel agent, you can kill multiple birds with one stone with the use of a travel planning website. There, you can book airfare, hotel, and car rental directly, often receiving an additional discount for booking a package deal.
  2. Book airport transportation in advance. Instead of paying for employee mileage as individual vehicles are driven to the airport and parked for several days, book an airport shuttle to take a group directly to the airport. When you factor in the cost of gas, mileage, and parking fees that will have to be reimbursed, the single cost of a shuttle is much more economical.
  3. Brief employees on airport security. A holdup at security could mean that a flight is missed altogether, costing a business hundreds of dollars if a ticket is nonrefundable. Before a major corporate trip, employees should be briefed on the best practices to move through airport security as quickly as possible. All employees should wear slip-on shoes and easily removable metal items, like belts. According to TSA regulations, toiletries should be placed in small Ziploc bags and packed at the top of a suitcase for easier access.
  4. Provide employees with separate laptop bags. Employees will appreciate this company bonus in a laptop bag that can be used for convenience and to protect a company-issued computer. On top of that, a security approved laptop bag will pass through an airport security checkpoint even faster without having to remove a laptop to place it in a separate security bin.
  5. Carry on whenever possible. Today, many airlines charge an additional fee to check a bag, which can add on to total travel expenses. For a short business trip, employees should be encouraged to travel with a carry-on only and pack lightweight, wrinkle-free clothing that can be used for professional meetings throughout a business trip.