You need to see your Austin dentist for regular cleanings when you have implants. Your home care is equally important. Your dental implants must be cleaned daily to prevent inflammation and infection.

Permanent Implants

Clean your permanent implants above and below the gumline and in between neighboring teeth with a small amount of low-abrasive toothpaste. When you first have your implants placed your mouth will be sensitive. Ask your Houston dentist about the best way to prevent plaque build-up during this time. Once the prosthesis has been placed, you can use a toothbrush to keep the implant clean. You will need the following tools to take care of your implants:


You can use a soft manual, electric or sonic battery to clean your implants. Brush twice a day with a low-abrasive toothbrush so that you do not scratch the implant surface or irritate your gums.

Interdental Brush or End-Tufted Brush

These brushes are suitable for getting to hard-to-reach areas around the tooth supported by the implant and the inner side of the teeth. They also help you clean around the implant posts. Never use toothpaste with these types of brushes.


It is important to floss once a day in the narrow areas that are impossible to reach with an interdental brush. You can use regular floss or purchase special implant floss. Pass the floss back and forth between the implant-supported teeth and neighboring teeth.

Cleaning the Prosthesis/Abutments

It is important to clean your prosthesis and its attachments carefully with a denture brush or toothbrush. Clean the gum side of the prosthesis as well as the abutment posts and bar in your mouth. A water pik/irrigation system may be recommended for use up to twice daily.

There will always be areas that you cannot clean effectively. That is why it is essential that you visit your dentist for regular cleanings. Routine check-ups will also give you the opportunity to find out how to improve your cleaning technique.

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