A beautiful smile generated by a set of pearl white teeth can make all the difference in building your confidence. Unfortunately, your teeth can easily become stained because of the food you eat or probably smoking. Teeth discoloration can also result from sipping on colas and teas, excessive use of fluoride, and taking of certain medications. These sources wear down and ruin the surface or your teeth and hence the discoloration.

However, with off-office treatments available today, you can have that smile you have always yearned and dreamed of without a single help of your dentist. This is possible through treatments available both in and out of your dentist office. Most of these whitening procedures are designed to only work on the tooth enamel and not on dental restorations. For this reason, you may be required to visit your dentist for replacing restorations that will help match the shade that you exactly desire.

In-Office Whitening

You can use Venus White Max which is a special formula available by prescription at participating dental offices. It’s a powerful solution that can whiten smiles up to ten shades brighter. Venus White Max does not require use of UV light, a property that makes it stands out over many other in-office treatments. It is therefore possible to move around during the whitening treatment instead of being glued on a chair next to a light. The entire process lasts for one hour, adding to its convenience.

At-Home Whitening

This teeth whitening technique provides the safest way to whiten your teeth at home through Iridescence Take Home Whitening Gels. The initial process involves consulting your dentist for a discussion, to allow him take an impression of your mouth. This helps in customizing the bleaching trays that will perfectly fit your teeth structure.

The dentist will then give you a Take Home Kit which contains the whitening solution and a guard to protect you gum. With these at-home whitening gels, it is possible to have initial results after one night of use with full results coming after a week.

Taking good care of your teeth for protection against dental problems surpasses any cure available. You can do this by brushing a minimum of two times and flossing per day to keep away from teeth stains. Using a straw when drinking tea and soda can help keep the staining agents from coming to contact with your tooth enamel. Make it a your habit to visit a dentist once in every six months for a thorough cleaning and checkup to guarantee a healthy smile even in the future.

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