How to Get Your House Ready for an International House SwapA house swap or house exchange can be an affordable, economical way to vacation in another destination. Instead of paying for four-star lodging on the other side of the country or abroad, you can open up your home to another vacationer and stay in their house at no cost.

If you’ve never embarked on a vacation of this kind, you may be asking yourself if house swapping is really a good idea. Good question! When you connect with another homeowner through a legitimate house swapping agency, you can rest assured that you will be lending your home to a trustworthy individual that has extended the same courtesy to you. They will make sure everything in your home is protected, right down to the toddler moccs.

Use NERVE to Prepare for a House Swap urges travelers to prepare their home for a house swap with this handy acronym:

  • N: Tell your neighbors about the arrangement while you are out of town.
  • E: Provide your guests with a complete list of emergency contact information.
  • R: Established rules for the exchange in both homes.
  • V: Secure your valuables before guests arrive.
  • E:Enjoy the experience to the fullest!

Depending upon how far you want to extend the swap, many house swappers choose to include their vehicles in the agreement. This is beneficial since most auto insurance policies will allow for lending a car to a friend under the umbrella of insurance coverage.

Before including your vehicle in the house swap agreement, make sure to confirm the details with your insurance agent. In this circumstance, it’s best to tell an agent that a friend will be borrowing your car while you’re out of town so that you don’t have to cover the often-confusing details of a home exchange.

Tie Up Loose Ends: Must-Read Tips for a Happy House Exchange

Once you’ve agreed on a house swap with a new friend in the US or abroad, your hard work isn’t done just yet. Take a moment to check out these helpful tips to make sure all details are taken care of before leaving your home in the care of a stranger:

  • Communicate about any extras you can think of; don’t make assumptions about what may be included in a house.
  • Double check your homeowner’s insurance to make sure that guests are covered.
  • Secure a commitment in writing before finalizing the house exchange.
  • Write down a list of all the details in your home, including mail delivery, security alarms, parking, and local takeout menus.
  • Offer your guest a point of contact in a friend or relative to call for questions.

Also make sure that your house is free from unwanted pests.  Visit for more information.